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Promoting Internationalism

At La Côte International School our aim is to acknowledge and respect the cultural backgrounds of all our students, their families and our staff, through a deeper understanding of the languages, faiths, history and traditions that create the rich diversity of our school community.

Following the principles outlined in the school’s mission statement, we believe that an international education begins within the self, with the building of human relationships, leading to a feeling of value and place within the community and the wider world.

Personal stability and pride in one’s cultural identity is an attribute that is fostered to help individuals celebrate and understand other perspectives and creates opportunities to enforce understanding and respect throughout the community.

To help achieve these aims the school endeavours to provide a safe and stimulating environment where open communication is encouraged, human commonalities are discussed and diversity is celebrated. Various school practices are in place to aid these aims including regular assemblies, cooperative group work, communal displays, guest speakers, extra curricular activities, and the celebration of a multitude of international festivals.

At La Côte International School we also promote the use of mother tongue and additional language learning, by creating opportunities for students and parents to use their various languages at school. These opportunities arise in all aspects of the curriculum including in their written work, by building up different language sections in the library, through story-telling, role play, games, music and a many voices afternoon.

We also encourage our students to acquire a thorough understanding of their host country and its local language and traditions. Students have numerous memorable opportunities to forge links with the local community both by participating in school excursions and through the host of visitors who are welcomed to the school. The school also collaborates with a number of local enterprises to set up a range of after-school clubs, which take place either at school or within the local community.

Situated near Geneva, La Côte International School is in a unique position to utilise the many and varied opportunities that arise through visits and workshops at the United Nations and its affiliated departments and with other global organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and UEFA.

As the school continues to expand its networks and range of associations within the local and global community, it strives to increase its commitment to raising awareness and supporting charitable projects, aimed at sharing the planet and creating a better and more peaceful world for all. It encourages students to create partnerships with other schools worldwide to exchange ideas and expertise, organize fund-raising projects for both local and international charities and support sponsorships for less fortunate people.

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